Creative Landscapes

Christie’s Fine Gardening offers upscale landscaping and design, installation, and lawn and garden maintenance. We are the quintessential one-stop shopping for creative landscapes.

Our Southern gardens are not only captivating from afar, but create a soulful connection between you and nature. Every time you move into the space, you feel better.

Inspired Gardening

Over the last 25 years in the Richmond area, we have developed a crew that executes all aspects of creating and preserving plantings, stonework, water features, and garden accents, so they are more spectacular with time.


Christie’s objective is to design, install, and maintain the perfect landscape garden for you. Christie and her team use the design as a blueprint to develop your luxury garden. Read more about the design process here . . .


We provide ongoing maintenance for your lawn or garden and flower beds and are evaluating such things as:

  • if a plant has outgrown its space, we try to move it where it will thrive
  • if perennials are too big or need a sunnier spot, we split them
  • the best time of year to prune back an overgrown evergreen
  • the optimal times to spray particularly invasive lawn weeds
  • which organic alternatives are available for specific tasks
  • preventative checking of your ornamental shrubs for harmful pests
  • analyzing soil samples for repeatedly difficult areas.
  • the best time of year to cut back top heavy roses for spectacular fall blooms.

We are fully insured, hold 4 different sets of Class A licenses, hold memberships to “green” organizations throughout the state, and are certified by the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers.

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Contact us to find out how we can turn your yard into a luxury garden and outdoor room.

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