A Little Garden for the City Dweller

Here is a sweet little garden we did in Church Hill. It is reminiscent of the English gardens where 8lowers are planted in the front yard behind picket fences.

This garden has a long blooming cycle with roses, “Russian sage” and black-eyed susan. We used deep pink “Knock Out” roses here, but colors are more varied and the growth habit stays a bit lower if you use the hybrid “Drift” rose. The “Drift” roses come in red, yellow, white and apricot.

Because it is a narrow strip of garden space, we planted just one row of plants and then placed Garden Stepping stones between lines of plants to make access easy and friendly to bare feet. These stones are very thick and irregular and will not teeter with time. It is important to lay the in sand or stone dust to make them level.

Maintenance is to fertilize and cut back the roses 2 times a year in March, and July.. Then watch them re-bloom. September and October are the best time for roses in theRichmond area.

So, feel free to plant your version of this. Then enjoy walking out in your bathrobe with