Remember the clearing of woods article in March?  Well, this homeowner told me to keep going with the most functional part of her outside space.  So we designed and executed the plan for the driveway and outside terrace and garden.

How did we do it? First, we reshaped her parking area to accommodate more parking and an easy turn around.  A small tractor was used to cut the new area and spread clean #57 gravel about 6” deep.

Using the driveway excavation dirt, we created a crescent shape berm near the house.  This berm not only provided a raised bed with good dirt for plants, but also gave this garden lover a cozy room where the parking area behind it is obscured.  Perennials, ornamental grasses, and flowering shrubs are planted in the berm so that she has experiences beautiful outside ‘wallpaper’.

The final picture is a great example of masking necessities.  The propane gas tank, sewer clean out and access to the pump had to remain where they were.  We did not hide them with a fake rock or green plant, but worked around them with neat clean lines.  Good artisanship and the right design help them disappear.

I thought I would attach a few pictures of our merry crew at work!

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