Don’t Forget to Plant Alliums in the Fall

Alliums are frequently forgotten when planting bulbs like daffodils, tulips and crocus in the mid autumn. Most alliums bloom in late Spring or early summer just like our more familiar friends.

This stately ?lower is a member of the garlic, leek and scallion family. It stands tall and doesn’t ?lop in the garden. Each ?lower has huge blooms but no leaves on their tall stalk. They come in purple, pink yellow and white.

An allium can be planted in poor soil but needs to be fertilized when you plant them. Planting is not for the weak in the wrist. Some of them need to be placed 4-8” deep and 3-4” apart. My crew likes to dig a large hole with a regular sized shovel, and lay a few in each hole….randomly of course.

So make a note on your phone to remember alliums in the fall!