The Design Process

Christie’s objective is to install the perfect garden for you, which may include plantings, pots, terraces, patios, retaining walls, trellis’s, arbors, pergolas and water features, driveways…you name it.

We use the design and practical detailed drawings. They give the client a visual reference for their new garden space, are affordable and serve as a vehicle for tweaking details.

The Initial Consultation

First, we talk on the phone with you and share ideas to see if we are a good match!

Next comes the “walk and talk,” where we meet at the site and discuss how weak spots can become assets.

Is it Maintenance or Design?

Is it tweaking the landscape with a thorough clean up, plant substitutions and / or plant relocations.

We look at your old garden in a new way. We suggest improvements to your existing garden design and the way to get there.

Christie writes up and prices maintenance options; and sends you pictures and links to figure out what you like best.

A Visualization: Hand Rendered Drawings

Christie drafts a concept drawing incorporating garden accents, plant types and count, shape of bed lines, stone terraces or walls, driveways etc.

Functional necessities such as drainage, covering the garbage cans, dry spots in the yard, and lousy soil, are addressed.

Drawings are 11” by 17” and are hand colored. Prices range from $250- $750.00.

Working onsite in the Space

The vision of the plan is translated into reality.

The crew and Christie spray paint bed lines and place flags for plantings.

We measure out and mark any garden features that are planned.

The execution and attention to detail is critical, and makes the difference between an inspiring installation and an ordinary garden.

Christie and her crew consult throughout the day on and off site, using the plan as a reference.

get started

Christie and her terrific team created the perfect garden for us, complete with a beautiful fountain, bordered terrace, and walkway. She and I chatted about some ideas, and she came up with the perfect design for the new garden, complete with thoughtfully selected perennials and shrubs that bloom in turn through the seasons- it’s always beautiful and peaceful. Thank you so much, Christie!
Fiona Ross
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. Yesterday as Ron and I were looking at all the beautiful roses, he said he thought some of the best money he ever spent was having you come out here! Thought you might enjoy hearing that.
Montie Smith, Richmond, VA
As I walk through my yard, I just love it more and more every year. Your design has really pulled together. Thank you so much!
Linda Smith, Glen Allen, VA