Tackling the Necessities

These are functional items we have to have but sometimes don’t know how to fit them artistically in the landscape.  These include:

  • animal deterrents,
  • hiding recycling bins and garbage can holders,
  • drainage solutions,
  • easy walking through tricky areas in the yard,
  • and driveway parking areas for your cars.

Deer Netting

Deer eat flowers. We find that netting works the best for keeping blooms on the plants… teasing deer palates throughout the land!


Hiding AC Units and Screening the Garbage Cans

Wooden fences are a clean and low maintenance way to hide AC units and garbage cans. They allow air to pass through and maximize the AC units’ operating capabilities. Christie’s does this work on site in accordance with the plan.



The third picture directs huge amounts of rain from a slanted driveway to exactly the right spot. The small stone retaining wall helps bump it in the right direction.

Steps to the Lake

The only access to the little cottage at the base of this steep slope was by an unmarked path of mud and pine tags. The lovely woman who lived here had fallen once. They had to have a built in stairway!


Steppers to the Garage

If you have to have a pathway to a renovated garage let’s make it kind of funky as in these rectangular square pieces. The pine tags add a soft texture until we can get some grass growing in the fall.


Class up your Driveway

If you have a gravel driveway that you want to make a bit more classy and useful, try edging it with a 4′ wide section of pavers.