Small Gardens

Most of our clients ask for gardening ideas in this category.

A small garden landscape involves one palette that the eye sees at one time. We try to incorporate one garden feature or accent; the clients’ favorite colors in flowers or leaves as well as evergreen plants for colder weather.

When you walk outside each morning, it is like opening a jewelry box…

  • Leaves that are dark green, blue-gray, chartreuse yellow, and bronze
  • Stone in shades of tan, blue, brown, gray, and pink – rough and smooth
  • Flowers with white petals, blue wheel mechanical shapes, orange trumpets, pink balloons, purple spikes
  • Water bubbling from stone – every time the same – every time different
  • Redwood, cedar, over your head, beside your chair with flowers intertwined
  • A blue bird perched on the fountain takes flight
Saturday. The fountain quietly splashes in your courtyard. A goldfinch lands on the stem of a white balloon flower. The aroma of coffee reassures you and the newspaper waits for your attention. You can relax. Christie’s crew came yesterday and gave your garden a small clean up. You can rest. Do nothing. Let go of the crazy workweek. Tonight those burgundy snapdragons will look great on the table for your dinner party. Christie said they last for days.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Christie’s fine gardens. Christie and her excellent staff for able to create a small but exquisite garden for me and my new house in the historic church Hill neighborhood. I was truly amazed by her vision and what she was able to do with such a small space. Not only has my little garden become my favorite spot in my new house but it has opened the door to wonderful conversations with my neighbors as they inquire about the design and flowers.  So once again I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to Christie and her excellent staff for transforming my front yard into a wonderful sanctuary. I could not recommend more highly Christie and her professional staff to transform your space also. One very satisfied customer

Stephen Jenkins , Historic Church Hill