Complete Make Over in Golden Colorado

A Successful Family Affair

When my son and daughter -in -law , Celeste and Colin, asked if I would design a landscape plan for her parents rental house in Golden Colorado, I was thrilled. Then I worried a little about how wrong this could go with family dynamics if it headed south! Celeste was currently renting the house from her parents and they were ready after 15 years to spruce it up. 

Two years later with the while project finished, it was a fantastic family affair. 

The plan and discussions included:

  • Redoing the dangerously leaning wall that ran 100 feet along the sidewalk.
  • More functional and inviting space in front getting to the front door.
  • Improved and additional plants with texture and color.
  • Updating 50’s look of house with dated metal work and southwest brick style. 

The creators included:

  • Celestes parents’, Carmen and Bob who live in Texas, and who gave final approvals while funding the project.
  • Celeste and Colin who oversaw all the actual work and helped lay everything out in real space.
  • Bill Goings of B and D Landscaping in Golden, Colorado ( a company who mirrors ours here in Richmond with talented H2B documented Hispanic employees). His company executed the stonework. 
  • A carpenter , Jason Lane, who Celeste and Colin found to install the redwood  columns and matching trim.
  • And myself Christie, the designer/consultant and scheduler of stonework. 
  • Celeste, Carmen and Colin also ripped out and planted the garden space in front this past Spring. 

Here is the initial sketch of the stonework and plants.

Next starts the demo of the front of the leaning cement wall by the sidewalk,  and the digging out of the future terrace. Colin boldly takes photos for me standing in the rubble. 

Ta-dah- the terrace ins finished in a funky zig zag edge made of a gorgeous Oklahoma bluestone Carmen chose. 

An then the plants..a grouping of Colorado native perennials that require minimal water and maintenance .Celeste even took a Master Gardners course this Spring and chose all the plants with Carmen.  

Columns, painting and front foundation plants  (Colin and Celeste) just concluded. It looks so great they have decided to rent to family and professionals rather than the young college dorm group of the past. 

A good lesson that family affairs for 100 of miles away do work. Hurrah for ‘Golden’ landscape make-overs!