Perennial Placement

As we approach spring. I bet you are itching to get holes in your garden filled. Consider these guidelines on placing your plants.

  1. Make a count with a spacing of 10”and buy how many you think you need.
  2. Clear and flatten the bed so you can “see” the area.
  3. Place the plants so taller ones are in the back and bloom time scattered differently within the bed.
  4. Do not put plants that flop or have a long ugly factor front and center to the bed.
  5. Don’t only buy groupings of 3. People have pretty much caught onto “that’s the way you do it” Its ok for 5s, 2s and even 1’s to tie in a theme.
  6. Plant plants a little high so after you mulch they are to grade.
  7. Water in and dead head as old flowers fade for he most blooms.

If I am planting perennials with an already mature bed I will plant 3 to 4 plants really close together so they look like one large plant.

“Cut and grow” gardening is when you cut 1 flower and due to branching you get 4 or 5 blooms.

And don’t worry if you “mess up” and you feel like your perennial garden is a heap of stems and color. Perennial gardens all have an ugly factor (August). You can move these plants in the late fall and spring. They don’t care and that’s how you become a better gardener!