The Freeze Date is long gone…

Have fun with Pots!

For those of you who want pots that look like Lewis Ginter or Duke Botanical Gardens with 4 or 5 different plant types, leaf texture and colors…I applaud you.

For the gardener who wants to make planting easy and have the luxury of watering and letting it grow, here are a few examples of the more simple approach.

The trick is to get a large enough pots. It is better to have one big pot that shows up from afar, of little ones that have no oomph and have to be frequently watered. For your birthday ask for a really great large set of singular or matching pots of two that can Flank a door or three that can be grouped in a triad.

Here is an artiFicial lightweight Fiber glass pot with white mandeville and yellow lantana The growth habit of the white mandeville goes upward then cascades, where the lantana simple drools down the side. You may have to cut both these back in July because they can get big!

The second pot is a Kimberly Queen fern in a limestone urn. This fern takes full suns do the blue scaveloa and pink petunias. The petunias can look crummy in July so be prepared to cut them back and fertilize for a great autumn look.

For the Final pot, I have made an autumn arrangement of shasta daisy, ornamental cabbage, heuchera (dark red leaf), and ivy.

For this pot I started with the shasta daisy then wandered the greenhouse a long time to have a variety of texture and color. Be sure you read the tags to see what takes sun and shade and how long the bloom time is. Group plants by sun and watering needs.

You may want to get a move on with your pots because the party is over by late June. Its hard to Find much.